Windows 8 booting too fast? Microsoft got you covered

Unless you can press F8 in 200 milliseconds.

There comes a time when sometimes things move too fast, and we’re left frustrated over missing something vital. That seems to be the case with Windows 8, especially with SSD based machines, such as ultrabooks, that boot Windows 8 in just 7 seconds.
As such there’s hardly anytime to select boot options during startup. In fact, according to Chris Clark, who’s a program manager at the Windows User Experience team, ”We have SSD-based UEFI systems where the ‘F8 window’ is always less than 200 milliseconds. No matter how fast your fingers are, there is no way to reliably catch a 200 millisecond event.”
In that case you can actually setup you computer to take specific actions, depending on your system and requirements.
As such you can easily select whatever appropriate option you’d like to have once the settings are done, wherein the below screen will allow you to select the appropriate option without any worries.

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