Windows 7 beats Windows XP, finally

By a small margin. But still beats it. It counts.

Windows XP. For most, it was our first Windows experience. It was beautiful, it was fast, and for the first four months, it had the impression that it was impossible to crash it. But now, it’s old, it’s weak and it’s largely unsupported. Game developers are slowly ditching it, Microsoft has already dumped it, and now, so are we.
Stat keepers Net Application reports that for the first time since Windows 7′s release, it has surpassed Windows XP in terms of use worldwide. In August 2012, Windows 7 reached 42.76 percent market share of PCs worldwide, edging out Windows XP which now stands at no.2 with 42.52 percent market share. That’s a small margin, sure, but a huge step towards human- umm, good PC usage, I guess?
If you are wondering about Windows Vista, the long forgotten child of Microsoft, it still sits at number 3 position with 6.15 percent. Windows 8 is creeping up with 0.23 percent.
Are you still using Windows XP? Name and shame yourselves below.