Steam 2011 Sales Prove That PC Gaming Isn’t Dead

Valve Steam

Valve has announced some incredible 2011 growth data for their digital distribution service Steam that proves, once again, that PC gaming isn’t dead. In 2011 Steam offered over 1,800 games to over 40 million accounts and their year-over-year sales increased by more than 100% for the seventh straight year. During their 2011 Holiday Sale, over 5 million simultaneous players were on Steam enjoying their games.

“Steam and Steamworks continues to evolve to keep up with customer and developer demands for new services and content,” said Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve. “Support for in-game item trading prompted the exchange of over 19 million items. Support for Free to Play (FTP) games, launched in June, has spurred the launch of 18 FTP titles on Steam, with more coming in 2012.”

Newell continued, “Looking forward, we are preparing for the launch of the Big Picture UI mode, which will allow gamers to experience Steam on large displays and in more rooms of the house.”

To give you a figure of how much content Steam delivered in 2011, they served over 780 Petabytes of data to gamers around the world, which roughly equals about 780,000,000 GB.

Steam only started seeing serious competition in 2011 with EA’s Origin server, GOG, OnLive, Direct2Drive, and GameStop so this year it will be interesting to see if Steam will come out on top once again, or if everyone else hopping on the bandwagon will have an impact in their sales.
Be honest, how much did you spend in the Steam Holiday Sale this year?