Max Payne 3 PC gets Direct X 11 support, new screens

It’s releasing after the console versions, but it sounds like it’ll be worth the wait

Max Payne 3 Screenshot

Rockstar has sent over the second batch of PC screenshots for Max Payne 3, while confirming that the game will support Direct X 11 features including Tessellation.

“This means a higher frame rate, greater visual fidelity, precision mouse and keyboard controls, a full suite of customizable visual and control settings, and optional 3D functionality for an even greater sense of immersion,” the publisher says.

“We are also aware that not all of our fans are in a position to run Max Payne 3 the highest spec hardware, so we’ve made sure that the game will run amazingly well through a vast range of hardware configurations.”
The PC version might look nicer, but console gamers can console themselves in the knowledge that they’ll be getting access to the title a little earlier. The PS3 and Xbox 360 editions launch on May 15 in North America and May 18 internationally, while the PC one’s out on May 29 in the US and June 1 everywhere else.