Gamer Desk BETA PC Games Launcher App for Windows 8.1

GAMER DESK BETA (PC Games Launcher and Gameplay Time Tracker) 

Gamer Desk Games Library Home Screen

PC Games Launcher for Windows 8.1

Gamer Desk is Windows 8.1 App that gives you a nice UI to launch and manage your Desktop PC Games. Track their gameplay time and provides detail information about the games installed. You can search for games and add them to your library. You can get information about your games automatically or edit them yourself. 

Gamer Desk V1.2 released with Bug fixes and minor UI Changes.

Link to Windows 8.1 Store app is HERE.

Gamer Desk PC Games Launcher and Gameplay Time Tracker with a lot of PC Gamers needed features

GD Launcher V1.1 (fixes high CPU usage to 0%)
GD Launcher V1.2 (Notification Tray Icon Added and Auto Start Fixed)

Link to Desktop app which is necessary to Launch and Track Gameplay time is HERE (v1.2)

Uninstall previous version of GD Launcher. Download & Re-install the latest version of Gamer Desk Desktop app.

Windows 8.1 App is the front end from where you launch your games and provides you information about games. From here you can create edit or update your games in library.

You must select C Drive when the App start for the first time to make it work properly with the desktop app.

Edit game information page. You can edit yourself or get it automatically by just providing game name

Search Results when you search for any game
After selecting any game from search you get its detail information. also you can add it to you library
When you Click a Game from Games Library you Get this Screen

Desktop App (GD Launcher) is needed to launch games from Gamer Desk and track gameplay time.
This is Beta version so there may be bugs, so don’t hesitate to report for them here in comments. New Update is on its way for both desktop and Metro apps, with lots of new features and bug fixes.

Known Issues:

  • Time Tracking of games that uses another launcher like uplay, origin, steam or of its own may not work properly.


  1. Download the Desktop App GD Launcher and allow to auto Start on System Startup. This app should always be running on your system. 
  2. When you start the Windows 8.1 app for the first time it will ask you to select the user data folder. You must select C drive to make game tracking and Game launching work. You can also change your location but You Must Select C Drive.
  3. To Add your game Right Click to open bottom app bar and click Add Game
  4. Now enter the name of game you would like to add and click get [Get Game Image and Description From Web] Button on top to automatically get game information. This will give you a list of games, from where you will select the game you want to add.
    • you can also fill fields yourself and add the custom image cover yourself
  5. Now browse your game EXE file location or paste its path in the Path field
    • you won’t be able to browse Program Files from within the app so you have to copy and paste the path with file name and extension yourself.
  6. Now the game will appear in the main page you can select it and play it from there
  7. Also by right click on any game in main page you can edit its details or remove it.
  8. As you know Desktop App must be running for the game Launch and time tracking feature to work. So always look for the latest version that i will be frequently uploading to get the best experience.

  • On the left of bottom app bar you see 2 button.
    • the Configure Button will show you your current games data folder location or if you have not selected any folder to save games data it will allow to choose the location where you want to save your games data.
    • If you have accidentally selected another folder as your Games Data Folder Click Change Games Data Folder Button and now select C drive.
    • After you change your Games Data Folder Click Refresh Games button to Get all Games from that folder.

Always Backup your Games Data including your Gameplay track time and their info from the Gamer Desk Data folder found in your C Drive

If you want to backup your game images also they can be found in the App Package folder. First you have to allow hidden files in Windows Explorer then go to this location. Mine looks like this

Your Suggestions and Bugs reports are welcome in comment section. Don’t hesitate to tell me about anything you want to have as a Gamer in Gamer Desk. This app is in its early beta stage and Final product will not look like this

Gamer Desk Privacy Policy

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  1. Good job for the app, is very nice. But I found some bugs that I would like to report. Every time I try to start a game the app seems like it crashes and it brings me to the start screen with the game starting in the desktop. Would be nice that the app brings you directly to the game, without have to do more work. And I think that would be good to see an error report when something go wrong in the app, and not just closing it.
    Sorry for my english, and keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Sica for the concern. Lets come to your problem,
    The problem you facing is not actually a bug, i did that myself so when you click the Play button app closes so you can get into game easily,
    Gamer Desk is optimized for Windows 8.1 Update 1 which lets you easily boot to desktop and when the app closes it brings you directly to the desktop.
    I recommend you to install Windows 8.1 Update 1 or change your settings from the taskbar properties (Navigation Tab) to (When I sign in or close app, go to Desktop instead of Start). This will fix your problem and you will directly get into game after clicking the Play button.
    Due to Windows 8 limitations, many things are causing problems and making things difficult. I am working hard to make Gamer Desk as much user friendly as i can, and for that to work i need beta testers to know more bugs before releasing the next update. So i would be very glad if you share this app with your friends and other gamers.
    Also as a gamer that would be very helpful to know your suggestions that you want in Gamer Desk. Thanks

  3. First of all, thanks for the fast reply.
    The fact is that I'm using a Surface Pro 2 and it wouldn't make much sense for me to boot from the desktop, and is also because I would like to stay in an app environment that I wanted to use Gamer Desk. There are many launcher for desktop but none "app style" like yours, that is why I am interested, but for me is a bit of a problem that the app is not able to go to the desktop by itself.
    As of suggestion I noticed that the search bar works only to add new games, but I think that would be a good idea for people that have a good number of games to have a search bar for finding games in the library. Also I think would be nice to give an option to have the full description in the games page when they are added to the library instead of the short one as well with the official website and, why not, comments from the gamers.
    You should also fix bug that appear when games with long name are added to the library that shows just the middle part of the title.

    1. @Sica Gamer Desk is now updated with fixes and some of your problems are fixed, more will be fixed soon. So go to Windows store and on Settings Check for Updates and download the latest version of Gamer Desk.

  4. Sica i have noted all your suggestions and problems you are facing. I can't promise your directly switch to in game problem, but ill try my best to make it your best game launching experience, because of windows 8 limitations, things are really tricky and difficult to do with app environment. But ill try my best to solve your problems asap, also am very glad of your interest in Gamer Desk and appreciate your suggestions, you will find your most of the problems fixed and suggestions implemented in the next release In shaa Allah. but before releasing the next version i want to achieve a downloads goal that you can help in by sharing your Gamer Desk experience on Facebook Twitter and other social media, that would be very helpful for me to keep introducing new features in Gamer Desk that you would love and making it an amazing Gamer tool with your help.

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